February 20, 2019
All Rhythms is a charitable music and arts Texas non-profit organization with the goal of providing quality community education programs, outreach performances, team building & family workshops, and professional development trainings to the Austin area and beyond in order to establish lifelong learning habits for individuals and their communities. All Rhythms serveseconomically disadvantaged youth, the blind community at Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, individuals of all ages with mild to severedevelopmental delays, as well as the elderly at senior centers and day care facilities such as AGE of Central Texas.

All Rhythms has served the Austin area for 6 years at Title 1 schools through the AISD A.C.E. program and now at Del Valle ISD via Creative Action. We have served City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department centers since summer 2015, are funded in part by the City of Austin's Economic Development Division. Our fiscal sponsor is VSA Arts of Texas. 


1) Performances – since 2012 

2) Multi-Instrumental Music Enrichment - since 2012 

3) Youth Performance Ensemble – since 2014 

4) Subsidized lesson and instrument program – since 2014 

5) Team Building Workshops for Youth and Adults – since fall 2015

6) Professional Development services - since 2016