November 17, 2019
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All Rhythms is a charitable music and arts Texas non-profit organization with the goal of providing quality community education programs, outreach performances, team building & family workshops, and professional development trainings to the Austin area and beyond in order to establish lifelong learning habits for individuals and their communities. 

All Rhythms serves economically disadvantaged youth, the blind community at Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, individuals of all ages with mild to severe developmental delays, as well as the elderly at senior centers and day care facilities such as AGE of Central Texas.  

Learn about our programs in our ABOUT PAGE.


Our adult ensemble, which plays music from Cuba and Brazil, are available for live performances. 


Contact us at or (805) 807-2738 for booking. 

Our youth ensemble has been around since 2014! 



We have served Austin and surrounding areas since Fall of 2012.