January 25, 2020
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All Rhythms is a charitable music and arts Texas non-profit organization with the goal of providing quality community education programs, outreach performances, team building & family workshops, and professional development trainings to the Austin area and beyond in order to establish lifelong learning habits for individuals and their communities. All Rhythms serves economically disadvantaged youth, the blind community at Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, individuals of all ages with mild to severe developmental delays, as well as the elderly at senior centers and day care facilities such as AGE of Central Texas. 


All Rhythms has served the Austin area for 7 years at Title 1 schools through the Austin Independent School District's A.C.E. program and now in surrounding ISDs. We have served City of Austin Parks and Recreation centers since summer 2015, are funded in part by the City of Austin's Economic Development Division, and contract with the Texas Workforce Commission and Creative Action, among others. Our fiscal sponsor is Art Spark Texas, formerly VSA Texas. 


Professional, Live Band:

•Music for any occasion: We play a mix of Latin Jazz and traditional Cuban and Brazilian instrumentation.
oRange of services: $200-2500

Interactive Performances and Storytelling

•These performances involve audience interaction and music-making.
•Programs include: a reading of the Cuban folk-tale Martina the Beautiful Cockroach with live music accompaniment, or a video presentation of recent trips to Cuba.
➢Musical, creative, and analytical skills are emphasized.
oRange of services $75-$350

Music Enrichment Courses and Youth Ensemble – During and after-school 

•These classes can be percussion-based, guitar-based, piano-based, or a mixed-ensemble band.
•Our Youth Ensemble meets on Saturdays, 48 weeks out of the year, at East Austin College Prep on MLK Blvd. in Austin.
➢Skills built include: how to play together at different tempos and feels, song arrangement, how to blend with each other in the group, and general musicianship.
➢Participants are exposed to new music styles and may choose some of the repertoire they work on.
➢These programs promote positive social and emotional learning practices.

Master Classes and Ensemble Coaching:

•Master classes and Ensemble Coaching broach a wide variety of topics and musical genres, and are taught by experienced music and arts performers and educators.
➢Master class themes include: TMEA Audition Preparation, Jazz Drum Set, Classical Percussion, Latin Percussion, General Musicianship and Ensemble Playing, Classical Guitar, and more.

Team-Building, Family Engagement Workshops, and Professional Development for Teachers

•For any team or group using music and sound, these workshops help promote a positive work and scholastic environment.
➢They also teach musical techniques to educators in order to augment the effect on their students by incorporating music and arts strategies into their curriculum.
•We work with organizations such as Mindpop, VSA Arts of Texas, and the Kennedy Center.