May 16, 2021
Online Teaching
Hi everyone. 

We hope you’re doing well considering these drastic changes and continuing hardships. We’d like to let you know that we are getting settled and are now offering online lessons. 

You can connect with us on a laptop, tablet, or phone, ideally, online through,
But you can also connect through Skype, Facetime, Facebook chat, What's App, and Google Hangouts  . 

Please contact our teachers directly for private lessons. The rates are a suggested sliding scale and donation based. 

Christina Cuellar - flute and piano - secondary: percussion
ZOOM ID: 3020005945  
Skype: christinacuellar
Facebook: ChristinaCuellar

Ian Fry - percussion - secondary: guitar and piano
ZOOM ID 4680606606  
Skype: @ianandrewfry
Facebook: @IanFry
Ian's website  

Vijay Meunier - guitar - secondary: piano and percussion
ZOOM ID 2050319270  
Skype: @vijaymeunier
Facebook: @VijayMeunier
Vijay's Website 

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